Yonberg Harmonica 9.6/10
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This is a very expensive Harmonica on which the finishing is pretty dire. The sound quality is fine, though nothing special. But, I'd expect the plastic comb not to have had injction mould remains hanging off of the back of it (it had simply not been finished, same applies to the plastic case and the mini screwdriver). Furthermore, the service standards at Yonberg leave a lot to be desired. I had an issue with the shipment and they could not have been less helpful if they had tried. In fact, they made claims about it having arrived in my home country, that turned out not to be true, That was because thier shipper had lied to them and said the package had been shipped. But when I discovered the package was still sitting in France and pointed it out to them, the person dealing with my complaint was extremely rude. I mentioned having bought harmonicas from an alternative source in France and they had arrived within 4 days. This individual was very disparaging about that manufacturer, made implide racist remarks hinting that because their products were made in China, they must be poor quality, which is just wrong. I will never buy from this company again, because the product is expensive and very average and if teh person I dealt with is anything to go by, the people there are rude, ignorant and anti Chinese.
Réponse de Yonberg Harmonica
Dear Matthew,

We understand your dissatisfaction regarding the delivery time. However, we cannot leave your comment unanswered and without explanation for these who will read it.

We received your order on April 30th and shipped it on May 2nd, May 1st being a public holiday in France.

Unfortunately, the french postal services seem to have had a lot of delay in its delivery service at this precise moment. We cannot be responsible for this.

We appologized several times. We called the french postal services to learn more about the delivery date. We proposed you to wait a few more days and to send you a new harmonica for free in case you didn't receive the first one you ordered.

In no way we are racist or anti-chinese at Yonberg. People who know us personaly will be amused by your remark. We know how to appreciate the quality of products made in China. You reproached us for the too high prices of our harmonicas. Our words were simply to remind you of the difference of the production costs between a product made in China and another made in France. It is impossible for us to align our selling prices with those of companies producing in Asia. We really do apologize if it was misunderstood.

Regarding the tone used in the response to your first email, it corresponds to the one you yourself used during your first complaint... which was rather agressive, with very strong words and capital letters...

We quote :

"Dear Yonberg,


This is my first order with Yonberg and I am so far, deeply unimpressed.

The below email says you've finished processing my order. Indeed, the subject line says it's complete. I can tell you though, this order is far from complete and will only be so, when it is in my hand.

Are you happy with this situation?

I'd intended to try out your product with a view to buying a full set. But if this is the way you treat your customers, I shan't be bothering to buy from you ever again and my online review will warn others as to why.

This is DIABOLICAL service and you should be ashamed of yourselves for collecting a pay check at the end of the month.

I've purchased harmonicas from very many different vendors, and you are singularly the worst for customer service by a long long way. As it stands, I have spent 163 Euros with you and have zero to show for it.

The fact that you don't even bother to acknowledge emails or reply AT ALL speaks volumes about what kind of company you are.



You finally received your harmonica on May 25, which is, certainly, far too long. And you were right, your parcel arrived in Malaysia on May 17th. It was difficult for us to get the correct information from the postal services. But you have certainly been able to check the shipping date of May 2nd on the shipping label proving our good faith.

Finally, we are very sorry that your instrument does not suit you but hope that you will still play with it from time to time.

Best regards,